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Pool tables are popular game room fixtures that provide hours of entertainment for players of all skill levels. Here's some helpful information about pool tables, their parts, and more.

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The number one question I get is how to go about getting a used pool table. Most people are getting them on Facebook marketplace. The main thing you need to check for is the cushions which are the bumpers or the rails. That’s what makes the ball bounce around the table. Often times pool tables don’t get played on very much and can look perfectly new from the condition of the cloth and the wood but the rubber can go bad no matter what due to age.

Usually a set of cushions is good for around 20 years, you can simply bounce a ball around the table and make sure that it performs the way you expect. You can also push on the cushion where the ball would impact with your thumb. It should feel like an eraser it should give about an eighth of an inch and be springy.

Keep in mind that people selling the pool table don’t always know what they’re talking about so unless there is documented proof to the age of the table or the cost of it, even down to what size it is you, might as well be skeptical. I would be more than happy to check out a link to the table you’re looking at or even a screenshot and give you my opinion and advice. Also, if you’re looking at buying a table that has already been disassembled and is in storage, let me know and I can give you a checklist of items that you need to make sure are there. Different tables have different components and every once in a while in the move, things get left behind and the seller might not be aware that the table they are trying to sell is incomplete.

Other questions I often get are how much room do I need and can you reuse the cloth? So the easy one first, yes we can reuse the cloth but if you would like we can also provide and install new cloth. There is essentially only two types of cloth is there is residential grade and professional grade. Both are going to be a wool/nylon blend. Residential grade is usually referred to as Felt and has a fuzzy texture almost like a flannel shirt. professional grade, sometimes called Simonis or speed cloth is going to be a lot faster and resembles the weave of a pair of jeans or pants. There are trade-offs for both, with price, ball speed/action, availability and color selection being some of the factors.

As far as the size of the room, a general rule of thumb is 5 feet added onto the play field. A standard 8 foot table has a 44 by 88 inch play field so your room should be roughly 13‘ x 17‘ Now that is for solid walls. Sometimes people have half walls or couches or other furniture in the way and if your stick would go above it during shooting pool, they can be less of a factor. Most pool tables breakdown into manageable pieces. They are designed to get into basements. there are a few, however, that the cabinet does not come apart so if you have a tight turn at the top or bottom of stairs “frames doorway” that could be an issue.

How do I know what type of table I have?

Please use the gallery below to view the different pool table styles